All of the festival's tents are accessible and the entire festival area is accessible for chairs. There are no specially designed areas for chairs at the venuses or close to the stages, but everyone always helps to find space in front of the stage if needed. Contact our volunteers with the black t-shirts for help. They have CREW written on the back. Should there be a problem with a chair, our CREW is always always helpful in solving the problem. Contact the production office in the garden of Museum Silkeborg.  

Elevators at venues

There is no elevator at the Rampelys venue, so a chair would have to be lifted up the stairs. There is an elevator at Kedelhuset at Papirfabrikken. Teatercenen is at ground level and accessible with a wheel chair. 

There is also disability access at the lobby (foyer) in JYSK Musikteater.


There is one or more marked disabled parking lots at all parking spaces.


Public toilets with disability access: In JYSK Musikteater, toilet building at the harbour, the car park in Mejerigården and the parking lot at Søtorvet.